Vestaware Electric Kettle Glass Temperature Control, 1.7L Tea Kettle Cordless with LED Blue Light,Water Kettle Electric with Auto Shut-Off,Keep-Warm Function

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Perfect Brewing Temperature for Tea or Coffee Drip Coffee: 200°F,Steep for 5 minEspresso: 195°F,Steep for 20~30secFrench Press: 195°F,Steep for 2~4 minAeroPress: 180°F,Steep for 10~50 secWhite Tea : 160° F,Steep for 4~6 minFlavored White Tea: 175°F , Steep for 2 minGreen Tea:175°F , Steep for 2~4 minFlavored Green Tea:175°F,Steep for 45 sec ~ 1 minOolong Tea:

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Perfect Brewing Temperature for Tea or Coffee

Drip Coffee: 200°F,Steep for 5 min
Espresso: 195°F,Steep for 20~30sec
French Press: 195°F,Steep for 2~4 min
AeroPress: 180°F,Steep for 10~50 sec
White Tea : 160° F,Steep for 4~6 min
Flavored White Tea: 175°F , Steep for 2 min
Green Tea:175°F , Steep for 2~4 min
Flavored Green Tea:175°F,Steep for 45 sec ~ 1 min
Oolong Tea: 190°F ,Steep for 5~8 min
Black Tea: Boiling Water, Steep for 5~8 min
Flavored Black Tea: 195°F~ 205°F,Steep for 2~3 min
Maté Tea: 208° F, Steep for 5~6 min
Rooibos Tea: Boiling Water, Steep for 5~6 min


★Strix controller
★Handle with digital control
★Variable temperature control from 104℉ to 212℉, each 10℉
★Keep warm temperature setting from 104℉ to 203℉
★Power cord external length 70~75cm
★UL two pin polarity plug

Product Features

  • LED DISPLAY – Digital control Handle with LED display lets you know the temperature you set,so that you can operate it according your demand.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL AND KEEP WARM – You can adjust the desired temperature for different tea and coffee via the button.And the kettle has a keep-warm button, so your water can be ready at the temperature you want whenever you need it.
  • BLUE LED INDICATOR – The blue LED lights in the glass kettle will work the minuter the kettle starts heating. And after finishing boiling water, the light will be off.And the blue LED light make your kettle look more nice and let you directly deserve the process of boiling water.
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY – BPA Free.British Strix Controller with Auto Shut-Off & Boil Dry Protection makes it safe and convenient to use,you won’t have to worry about this kettle scalding your hands or getting burned. Our kettle is 100% BPA Free and will not contaminate liquids.
  • CONVENIENCE – Cordless Technology allows for hassle-free pouring.Durable 360°Rotational Glass Body with Water Level Marking gives clearly measurement.With no steam tube needed, you can easily clean this kettle thoroughly after each use.


Anonymous says:

So far so good I am really enjoying our new kettle. Much more fun than our old stainless steel one. And I want to say that some of people complained “keep warm” function did not work. Lol, you need to press down the “keep warm” button again. As for temperature control function, I tried choose temperature settings by myself, it will boil water slowly at last 10F. And the seller told me that the engineer adopt intermittent heating technology to ensure it more accurate. And then I just press down “OFF/ON”button,…

Anonymous says:

Purrfectly Fun For The Cat Lover Anywhere – Highly Recommend How FUN is this! For any “Crazy Cat Lady” this is the purrrrrfect gift. Anyone owning this, or even if purchsed for yourself, this coffee cup is sure to get regular use for enjoying with your morning java, tea or other hot beverage. It could quickly become a “favorite cup” and most likely will. It’s cute in photography too…as shown with one of our kittens in the photo attached. Great price. Quick ship/Prime and exactly what I wanted.

Anonymous says:

Works great This came promptly and for a glass kettle was very well packaged. This looks great on my worktop and works very well. I love my kitchen gadgets and this is a great smart appliance. My mom only drinks warm water and this kettle can heat up your water to exactly the temperature you want. The keep warm function is very good too. Happy with this purchase.

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